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50" Plasma TV by Sanyo released in 2007.

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Where do I get the fuses?

I can't find the fuses to my TV anywhere.

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Do you know if a sanyo fvf5044 has fuses? Mine doesn't turn on. Im searching in google but nothing about this model comes up. Please help!!


@mrsmdo18 it has fuses but those are on the power board and it's a differnt type of TV. What are the issues with yours? What have you checked?


I got a old Sanyo speaker system and the back fuse box broke and I don’t know how to get new fuses in the town I’m in


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You can get them from here as well as many other places. you just have to know which fuses you are looking for. I believe even your local Radio Shack will have those...F601 for your TV is a 250V 10 A fuse and the Sanyo part number is F32S10RA2LTTL Hope this helps, good luck

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Is there a list somewhere that equates the numbers by the fuse holder (i.e. F180) to a fuse number so the fuses can be located and purchased? Thanks!


Joseph Irvin, same TV? That usually can be resolved by looking at the schematic etc.


It is a Sanyo DP50747. I've looked at the repair manual which seemingly lists all electrical parts except for fuses.


Yes I checked myself and that is where the manufacturers always get us on. Missing information, only half information if even available is the trend. Goal is to prevnt anyone from fixing anything so that we rely on the big companies. Sometimes, it works if you can find out where the board comes from and try to find the actual schematic for it (not from the service manual of the TV but separate from it. The boards used in this TV may not all/none been build/designed by Sanyo but somebody else. That way it might be possible to cross reference.


Eureka! Tricky these Chinese ... Beside each fuse holder is a tiny triangle that has the fuse designation inside it. (We had to use a magnifying glass to find and read them. ) For example, reading down from the top it says: 250V, T5.0AH. This translates to a fuse designation: T5.0AH250V. In other words, it is a 5.0 amp 250 volt ceramic fuse. In this TV they are 5mm X 20 mm in size.


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I know the fuse says, FT 8ah 250 vp.

The item number with Buss is: S 505 8 R You do need the space between the 5 space 8 space R.

This is a ceramic fuse 8 amp 250 volt slow blow 5 mm in dia. and 20 mm long.

THe Graybar or Grainger is a five pack its Item number 1XFF4.

The NTC brand(i guess) is 74-55C8A-C. I bought these for pack of 5 for $3.00.

We put it in and it is working...YEs...

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What happens if I put a fuse in an it works but not the right fuse for TV replacement


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