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Samsung galaxy a21s, please help! Black screen after dropping it.

So i dropped my phone. And its broken, when i turn it on it just make a small signal and turns off. I want to repair the phone by myself. Do i need to change the whole display or can i just change the screen? Or do i need to repair it another way?

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Ok, Will that Repair the Phone? There is a tiny flash of light happening for a mirco second When i Power the Phone on.


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@sebbialsvik going by your description I advise that you change the complete display assembly. Easiest of all the other options even so it is not an easy task in general. This Video should help you with the task

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Ok, vil det reparere telefonen? Det er en liten lysglimt som skjer for et mirco sekund når jeg slår på telefonen


I am certain that it would. The flash of light is probably just the screen getting electrically excited but is to broken to turn on.


Ok, thank U so much, i Will update you When i have replaced the screen


>The flash of light is probably just the screen getting electrically excited but is to broken to turn on.< No actually that happens to me everytime i try to turn off my phone after a poweroff it usually happens 3-4 times and then it fixes itself


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This is a common issue with the A21S, if you can see an image for a split second or it’s flashing on and off, disassemble the phone from the rear using hot air or fan, take the backplate off, remove the battery and remove the LCD flex cable, reconnect the flex cable back and then the battery, if the screen is not damaged it should work fine. This happens because the LCD flex cable gets slightly disconnected from the FPC connector.

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This goes into great detail on how to fix this but heres the thing, everytime I try to turn on my phone for lets say if the battery died or something the power button on my A21S, its a gray screen for a split second and then it turns off this happens for 3-4 times and then i can normally turn it on again.


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