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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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Why is my screen showing lines when I move it?

My Mac has been acting weird. It shows multiple lines on the display. Sometimes moving it or jiggling the screen makes it quit. Is this a cable or inverter problem?

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I replaced the LVDS cable but mo change.. still lines. When its hooked up to an external monitor its fine, so that would mean the GPU is still good, right? Should I try replacing the inverter?


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If the computer freeze when moving it and you get lines and artifacts in the screen then the GPU (graphic processor unit) could be the culprit. Connect the PB to an external monitor and check if the video signal is normal. If not, prepare yourself for a logic board swap. If the video is OK on the external then the problem could be a bad LVDS cable but a bad video cable would not be the cause of the computer crashing. That's why I think the graphic card is faulty.

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A logic board swap isn't exactly the only way out, I have read multiple articles about using a heat gun to rebond the solder, on multiple integrated devices(Xbox 360 GPU, tried this, PS3 CBE, MacBook Pro GPU, iBook GPU, Ect.) it mac be a feasible solution here as well.


Yes Chris, good suggestion.


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Most likely a bad screen. I have had a lot of macbooks do that and replacing screen always seems to fix it. Unless your screen is disorted or has squares etc.

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