3ds XL turns off when hinge clicks AND doesn't go past home menu.

I got this 3ds when it came out. It’s a limited edition Pikachu 3ds, the one where his nipples are the cameras. I’ve had it since I was a kid and it’s been special to me, but it stopped working years ago as it turned off when I powered it on and I click the hinge into place. I’ve always just written it off and never really tried to look into it. I remember my dad trying to but he never got far in case he damaged the internals or couldn’t replace everything.

Recently I decided to pick it back up again, and take another look, to see how complex it was to take apart, or if there was any glaring issues. I now know it is very complex to take apart. I put everything back before I forgot where screws went, or unplugged the wrong ribbon cables.

I’ve always assumed it’s just dead, as when you power it on and don’t unclick the hinge, the displays turn on, but they don’t display anything. Today i pressed the power button, instead of just clicking the hinge open to kill it, and found that the power off screen advertising rest mode shows up when you press it, which showed me that indeed both screens worked, any when I pressed the home button, It did say “Home Menu” like it was going to boot, but it never does.

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