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Whirlpool Goldseries side by side not cooling, freezer working well

Freezer is keeping steady at -1. Fridge cycles all day. None of the food in my fridge is under 43 degrees. I've had 2 repair people out. They said everything stems from the freezer so if the freezer is working there is no reason thr fridge shouldn't ?‍♀️ sometimes ill catch it and thr ambient will actually drop to 36 but it's for such a short period of time the food temp won't drop. Mostly ambient is around 45 to 50. I'm so afraid we are going to get sick. Nothing is blocking vent and seal is good. 6 years old model # WRS325FDAM04

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Based on what you've said, I'm thinking thermostat. It's a side by side, right? Had the exact same problem with mine. Freezer reached temp, fridge wouldn't . The thermostat wasn't controlling the vent from the freezer to the fridge like it should have. I replace mine (like $30) and it works like a charm!

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Though I just checked.. for yours it is round $90... here's the link


just to clarify.... the fridge gets its cooling from the freezer. This is true. The freezer is cooling fine. The only other thing is the thermostat that controls the cold air from the freezer to the fridge.


Hi @brandon_k

What about a faulty or sticking damper control unit? Wouldn't that affect the airflow to the refrigerator as well?



@jayeff It would. Sometimes I forget that they might be separate. My thermostat had a linkage that connected it to the damper. If this model has it separate then absolutely check that first. This issue is definitely either the damper control or tstat. The tstat tells the damper how much to open to let cold air through, and the damper control makes it so. The problem is one of these two. Of that I am most certain. If the damper is just sticking a bit, some food-grade lubricant should help keep it from binding. Add a little to all moving parts, and move them manually the full range of motion they would go through. Dont force it further! This will work the lube into where it needs to go.

Good catch!


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