He dishwasher won’t drain

My GE dishwasher stopped draining. I emptied out all the water and used a shop vac to suck out the trap where filter is. I cleaned out filter that had little to no debris. I ran washer again and watch drain hose under my sink. The water level would raise slightly and fall back every now and then. I am just hooked up to my drain in my sink. No garbage disposal. Have had no issues in 6 years. I can see drain hose under washer but cannot get my hands to it. Hose has some debris I can see by sink drain but if I disconnect it it will flow out that end.

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Hi @wesdishwasher ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?


Obviously, obstructions in the drain like will cause that problem, so you need to insure it is clean. You may have to remove a few screws and pull the washer out to disconnect the hose. Turn off water and power first. and be prepared for loose water.

If that isn't the problem, then it would be with the water valve that switches the pump output from the spray to the drain, ASSUMING it is in fact spraying and getting the dishes clean to some degree. When that changes over you should hear a definite click. If not then it is the water pump itself. If the pump is running then you need to replace the impeller blade.


Not sure. It just says GE on door. Cannot find paperwork and a lot of words are rubbed off inside door@jayeff



That's a shame as knowing the model number would help to find the mini manual which shows how to get into the diagnostic test mode for the dishwasher, which allows you you test the individual functions used in each step of a wash cycle.

Check behind the kick plate (toe plate?) to see if it is taped there inside a plastic bag.


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