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Apple's October 2020 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A14 Bionic processor, a 10.9" screen, a new design, and in-button TouchID.

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Why my ipad air wont turn on?

It was suddenly a dead battery so tried to charge it but after a few hours, there’s no charging logo and won’t open by pressing the top button. Left it overnight charging, still the same but it did heat a little, maybe it means it is charging. My charger don’t have any dust and can even charge my samsung type c phone. Also done the force reset but still wont open. Anyone who knew whats the problem?

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i have the same problem too. i sent it to the nearest Apple service center in my place and they said that they need to replace the whole unit because the ipad has no screws thus making it impossible ‘‘for them’’ to open/repair but only if its covered by the warranty. im still waiting for the diagnostics results and i’ll update you asap.

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My ipad replacement was confirmed. They are going to change it. Dont worry cuz its covered by the warranty. Dont do DIY battery replacement! Just give it to apple service and let them do it. My ipad just finished its diagnosis and they didnt even tell me what the problem is, im pretty sure its a hardware probelm. And dont worry cuz u wont spend a penny while they replace it. Thats all.


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Try replacing battery

you can do it DİY if you want İf you wanna pry on a LOT OF adhesive

if not logic board may be suspect

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Found a cracked ipad air 4 for sale

should do the trick just remove its battery

if it still wont work logic board(you may lose data)

if still broken,charging board is dead


@zygrei07 get off ifixit

İfixit is for right to repair/diy repair community


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