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The Razer Blade (2018) is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop released in May 2018.

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Laptop's IPS screen has vertical & horizontal lines.

Hi, I have razer blade 15 base (2021) with IPS screen and it got vertical and horizontal lines. there are one vertical and one horizontal line which are changing color and also several dimmed horizontal lines on 50% of screen which are flickering when screen is showing video.

Block Image

sometimes area gets bigger like this and sometimes they disappear. (this is a picture while I was running jscreenfix)

Block Image

Also screen has some electrical sparkle noise on the bottom.

I may be wrong, but intuition tells me that there is no physical damage, because it didn’t experience drop and I was more gentle with closing/opening than while removing tape during disassembling(I even have bent it a little and it didn’t added any new damage). So, before I buy replacement, what problems there may be besides of physical damage and how can I fix them?

Also I would appreciate to know if it’s possible to replace with QHD 165 HZ panel (currently I have FHD 144HZ)?

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@vokreshidze those type of screen errors originate commonly with the LCD driver board (part of the panel). Connect an external monitor and see if that displays properly. If so, you know your GPU should be okay and the error is your screen. You will have to use the model screen that is meant for your model since the connections on the screen will not match. Connectors could be the same but internal wiring should be different. Of course if in doubt check for the datasheet of both screen and validate that.

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