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won’t stop when you open the door

my maytag dryer won’t stop when you open the door

Update (10/13/2021)

when wil you answer

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kenneth nichols whenever we got time to look through the questions. You do realize that we are volunteers and regular people with regular jobs.

What is the model number for your dryer? What have you checked? This is usually caused by a failed door switch.


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Please remember we are volunteers here. When we ca, we come online, go through questions, and answer what we can. Not everyone can answer everything. I don't know jack about computers, for example. So I have to pass right over those. To reiterate what was asked previously, what have you tried? What have you checked? It sounds like your door switch is stuck shut. You can unplug the unit, remove the switch and test it. Do a continuity check with the switch open, and closed. If no change, there's your problem.

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