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Also sold under the GMC Sierra and VIA Vtrux names, available in the US, Canada, Mexico and other countries around the world.

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Backfiring chev please help

Ok I have an 04chev Silverado 5.3L,that’s backfiring while on cruise.changed plugs and coil wires and camshaft,also changed crankshaft,and now after putting new wires and plugs it has now started flooding.what is the problem here please??

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Are you sure you're using the correct plugs and that they're gapped properly? I ask because if you just changed them, and as a result it is flooding... might be something with them.


johanneshere "camshaft,also changed crankshaft" I hope you meant the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Have you scanned the OBD yet? Any codes?


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If you haven’t already, check your timing belt. If your valves are opening at the wrong times, fuel could be getting into your exhaust and combusting too late, causing the backfiring.

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