Why it does not start washing?

I start the dishwasher machine, you hear a weird sound but it won’t start washing. I feel like the pomp does not drain the old water but I do not know how to clean it and where is it exactly.

The times goes down but nothing happens.. just a weird sound like is trying to do something but can’t.. also the water does not come inside.

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Sopa Andy what is your exact serial number? What have you checked and what have you tried,


My serial nr. is 41910001. I have check the draining tube and also the filter.


on the bottom of the dishwasher you will see a plastic drain piece. use a plastic anything to pry up on the corners to get finger under it. a quick hard pull up should release it from the pressure clips. than use a shop vacuum to clean it out. Than get some CLR and put a cup in it to clear out any buildup of calcium and hard water. run it with the CLR. Also check the switch were the door locks to the frame is latching all the way.

the unit has a on/off valve for the water to come in. These can get jammed or go bad. they are easy to replace and not expensive. if it is a in cabinet one you will have to pull it out some and follow the water line. when you find the valve check the wires at the valve and follow them to the board.


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