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Service and repair information for aspirator machines and suction units.

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Nasiboo Nasal Aspirator works fine on low but shuts off on max power


I struggled to find a category but the device works basically exactly the same as a vacuum cleaner. It just sucks air inside to get boogers out of children’s noses.

So I can turn on the device and choose the suction strength from low to high (1-5).

It’s controllled by a turning switch. I can turn it on on 1 and it works like it should. I can change it to 2 and it works too. But after 2 it just shuts off. So between 1-2 it works and between 2-5 it shuts off. If I try to start on a power mode between 2-5 it starts for a second and then shuts off.

To turn on the device you have to press the turning switch. Which goes up and then stays there (if it works properly)

I coulnd’t find anything online about the device and I would have to buy tools to repair it so I wanted to hear a couple of opinions if it’s repairable or not.

So my reasoning is that it’s a faulty switch because if it would be a faulty fuse or electronics it woulnd’t work at all. Since it starts for a second when I press the button to start it, the power flows and when it goes back up it doesn’t get any electricity so it shuts off.

So I think if it’s only a switch I could buy the tools to unscrew it and to look inside. Do you think it’s repairable? (I also coulnd’t find any spare parts for this exact device so I would have to work with what’s available as generic spare parts)

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Hi trigonom,

I have the same nasal aspirator model for my children (Nosiboo Pro and it stopped working yesterday, found your post so I thought I’d give you my 2 cents on this.

I managed to take it apart, but couldn’t find the issue yet, note that mine stopped while it was running and I could not start it ever again, so mine probably has a different problem than yours.

Back to your case, if you remove the plastic case you will see the turn switch operates a potentiometer under the hood that controls the power level of the motor hence increasing or decreasing suction power. Your description of the problem tells me your device detects the motor cannot operate safely when you move the turn switch above level 2 and shuts the motor down. This can happen even under normal circumstances eg. if you use the appliance too long and the motor gets too hot, but if you wait a few minutes for the motor to cool down, you can use the application again as normal.

But in your case it seems the safety electronics that’s there so that the motor cannot overheat switches the motor off either 1) because this safety electronics is faulty or 2) there’s something wrong with the motor itself and the safety electronics detects the problem correctly when it switches it off.

So what I want to say is that your turn switch is probably at no fault, but your problem is probably deeper down in the safety electronics (can be cheap to fix if you can identify the problem) or in the motor (can be more expensive). Also, there’s typo in the title of your post ie. the name of the product is Nosiboo (not Nasiboo), maybe more people find this post if you fix that typo and they can give you a better idea.

Anyway, I bought a new one of the same appliance the same day it broke, because my kids need it so much in the winter and I think the quality of this product is excellent and I’ll get back to trying to fix it later. My appliance was about 6 years old when it broke, we got it from friends where it already served their kids.

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Hi Dia Kritikus!

May I ask, how did you remove the plastic shell? I’m afraid that I’m going to break it.

Mine stopped working. Last time I used, everything was ok. And now it just makes a tiny ministart and nothing happens. I have never used it without a filter and no one dropped it. It’s less than 3 yo old.

So sorry, trigonom for using your question for finding info, bit seems there isn’t many Q&As about this item.


Hi Helen,

There are 2 tiny screws at the back you can reach through narrow holes you might have mistaken for venting holes. Hope this helps opening the case.

The ministart sound bad. Let me know what you find.


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