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Repair manuals for HP's "Mini" series of small form factor netbook computers.

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Installing a Fresh Install of Windows 10 on HP Mini but not getting

I’ve put in a new SSD on a HP Mini 5102 and was able to boot Windows 10 on a USB.

I’ve completed the steps such as, choosing what version of Windows (I’ve choose Windows 10 Home) creating the user and password, getting online, choosing the privacy stuff, but when I reach the end of the steps before it suppose to go to the Desktop, the process starts all over. I wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows, it does the same exact thing.

Whenever I create the same user name and password, the system tells me to create another user account.

Does anyone know what is going on, can anyone assist, thanks!

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Does your netbook allow you to boot into BIOS and do a hard drive test?


Also, you can try using another machine, (such as laptop that have similar SSD type interface etc) complete the windows installation there, and then plug the working OS Disk in mini notebook. I have done it, it worked out well for me.


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if it doesn’t allow you to create a same user account, means that OS installation is completed.
Now you can plug that OS into another laptop to verify that is good OS disk.
it seems the process repeating what you have done, means you can try swapping the OS disk, or plug this OS disk to another machine to isolate the issue.

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Thanks for the responses. Here is what I’ve done.

I left the USB on the machine, even when I've created my credentials, set the privacy settings, the wizard went back to the region options (which is starting the configuration process again). So what I've done, I wiped the ssd and right before the restart button appears after installing the OS, i took out the USB, it was smooth sailing afterwards.

Weird that this is the first time that has ever happened to me. I guess HP Mini's are designed differently, thanks again.

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