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3 mins Rebooting. Panic Full

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffff02abe87e8): userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from thermalmonitord since wake

service returned not alive with context : is_alive_func returned unhealthy : current fffffffffffc, mask 7fffffffffff, expected 7fffffffffff. SD: 0 BC: 1 Missing sensor(s): TG0B TG0V

service: backboardd,

What do i need to replace in this, it reboot after 2-3 mins but if it is not use i doesnt reboot.

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More than likely this is a charge port issue. Essentially the phone is expecting check ins from the thermal monitoring service and it’s not getting data from 2 of the sensors (TG0V and TG0B) So the phone shuts off.

It could be other things as well, but charge port is where I would start. TG0V I am sure is in that flex. TG0B is battery, and the signal for that may also be carried by the charge port.

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Sir why does also my iphone dont charge, and there is no battery percentage, also when i charge it, it only sound, but their is no charging, even it is connected.


@Altair Van Historillo Could be the same thing. If that cable is not working correctly, then it may not be charging the battery properly or reporting charge percentage. That's how the power from the charger is connected to the logic board.


i change the charging port cable but still booting up every 180 sec, also i still cant see the battery % not the battery health, and it is also stuck on 0%.


@Altair Van Historillo Could also be the battery itself, or the power button cable, which from what I've read elsewhere TG0V may also be in the power button flex cable. Although given the battery related symptoms, I am more likely to think battery.


Please is none of these it’s hardware issues go repair your power ic


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