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The Respironics BiPaP Vision is a respiratory ventilator (breathing assistance device) created by Respironics / Philips. Included is a mobile stand, various ventilator pieces that connect to the main device system, and a remote alarm. (Model Number: 582059)

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Can it be used for CPAP

Can it be used for CPAP.

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Tomasz Kosierkiewicz  no you cannot. The pressures delivered through BiPAP are different since it requires two separate pressures(IPAP and EPAP), whereas a CPAP does not have those and you cannot turn that off. If you feel your BiPAP is not working for you talk to your HCP for a different approach. Also, check your Respironics model number and make sure it is NOT involved in the recent recall. Check on here Do not use it until you are sure that it is safe. Again, contact your HCP for assistance with this.

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we legally can not give advice for medical equipment

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