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The Canon EOS 300D is a 6.3-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera.

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Camera won't power on when CF card is inserted, help?

I am a total beginner at photography and wanted to start dSLR with a basic camera but after having it only a few days, it stopped powering on. I removed and changed the CF card, still no power. I continued by removing the lens, cleaning connectors, replacing battery, still no power EXCEPT the lcd screen will show the EOS in the top left when it's turned on with a CF card in place. With no CF card in place, the camera powers up like normal but the lcd reads "No CF Card".

I have checked the pins and they are all there and none are bent (as best as I can tell), I've cleaned the contacts and tried 3 different CF cards.

It worked perfect for the first few days and now this...I'm so distressed.

Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? I could sure use some help.

Thanks in advance.

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Barbara Smith, just wondering if you tried to format your CF card? Do you have the user manual? If you do not have it, you can download it here. Page 97 will tell you how to format. Also, since you just had "it only for a few days" Is there any sort of warranty on this camera? If it had a previous owner, any way of inquiring if this camera had previously had any issues? Also, make certain that all of your pins are intact, check for missing and bents pins as well as corrosion and debris. Here is a link for the dis-assembly of the camera and here is a bit more information on another issue (blown fuses) but will show you a bit more about your camera.You can download the parts manual( with explosion drawings ) from here. Let us know if this helped. Good Luck.


Check on the door for your Battery and CF card, I believe that there is a micro switch that turns your camera off when the cf card is removed, may be that is stuck as well...


oldturkey, thanks for your help. I can't format the CF card because the camera won't turn on if there is a CF card in the slot so that solution is a catch 22. I do have my manual and had already thought of that but, like I said, catch 22. No warranty (bought off ebay) but it worked perfect out of the box and previous owner denies any problems prior to my purchase. My eyes are horrible but my husband nor I could see any bent pins but I read earlier that pins can punch through, too, so that very well could be the problem. Every where I've turned, I've been told that it is the pin tray so after I try a brand new CF card (I've tried 3 so far but none were brand new), I'm thinking of repairing it myself...maybe.


Go for it!!! after all this is ifixit :-) Right now you have a camera that is not working, so not much to lose. Also, I believe the repair will run anywhere between $200 to $350 (checked the forums for sources) if done through Canon. The links above show you how to disassemble your camera and the parts list will get you the numbers for any replacement you may need. Take a couple of pictures and provide us with a cool repair guide....Good Luck.


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I DID IT! Thanks to all the great advice and some other advice from around the web, I have fixed the bent pin problem all on my own. Uh, no thanks for your $189 repair cost Canon. Took me a few minutes, a steady hand, a magnifying glass and a dental pick tool. YAY!

Thanks oldturkey, I really appreciate it. And thanks to you too, ABCellars.

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WooHoo, GREAT JOB Barbara. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to ifixit...udidit :-))


For real you repaired the bent pins? how did you do it? I really need to know! I have a 400D, actually I have two of them that need repair with bent pins and am afraid to open them up but if you say you can do it then I will try it. I don't see where Canon gets off trying to charge me nearly $200 for a recurring problem they have with all their CF camera's. I don't suppose there is any chance of you seeing this. I hope someone will send you an email. If I have any luck it will be because you braved the waters first. Thanks. Regards, Maureen J.


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OldTurkey03 - can you change the Keep&Share sharing settings so I can access the parts diagram for the Canon 300D?



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