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Broken contact on plastic mount


Our club has the above defib. We've recently replaced the battery after which we found one of the battery contacts had broken. On investigation a small plastic clip containing the contacts had a broken contact. I’m trying to find a company who could effect a repair, just needs a new plastic bracket containing the contacts. Unfortunately Zoll will not sell the bracket to me. Are there companies who could d this repair in the UK?

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Thanks for this, One of the repair shops I’ve been speaking to has a faulty Defib of the same make and model.

They have agreed to sell it to me for a modest amount, this will allow me to remove the clip and place it in ours.

I’ve checked as far as I can and their are no legal issues with doing this.

If, after the fix, on restart the self tests proclaim all is ok then we are good to go.

Thanks again.

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alwest That is the way to do it. No, there are no legal issues. OEM’s use that excuse for not selling you the service parts. Healthcare could safe millions with a change in attitude by that industry. Glad you are getting it fixed.


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alwest, that is correct. They will not supply anything to private contractors etc. So common and a PITA but they always cite legal reasons. I suggest that you go to your local hospital and make contact with the BioMed person at that facility. Those people are awesome and most of them are really helpful when it comes to situations like that. If nothing else try this forum and see if they can help.

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