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Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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Are the activation servers down?


Just a question, have apple fully taken down the Apple TV 3 (I have A1469) activation servers down? I have reset my ATV many times and it always says activation failed in Settings-General-About. This also removes AirPlay which is the only reason I need the Apple TV. I’ve seen many other people with this issue but I still don’t know if it is a one time problem that is hard to fix and they are repairing it or if they are fully down forever.

So, could anyone tell me if it is a bug (and how to fix it) or if it is fully down.


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Well, things are much better today!

Are you resolved?


@danj Hi,

Unfortunately my issue has not been solved yet.


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Hi everyone,

I’ve found how to fix it.

In the pic I’ve linked below follow the instructions.

It works for Mac and PC.

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Apple offers a useful dashboard monitoring of their servers System Status and Apple Support outages reported in the last 24 hours

In addition Apple uses some servers from Amazon which is having some problems AWS having issues!!

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