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Food processor from Vorwerk manufactured and first distributed in 2014/2015 (Europe/US).

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How can I fix error c208?

My wife closed the device without the bottom lid and after 3 seconds the device shot down, stuck bowl, making clicking noise and code c208 pop up. I dried the device, put it back in place, got out the bowl manually, and put it back into the place. Plugged in, but c208 shows all the time. Official troubleshooting guide says it’s locking mechanism: repair when the error continues to appear.

However there is no further instructions on how to repair it anywhere in the internet. Can someone help me ? Much appreciated.

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This is a mechanical fault in the lid closure. If you are lucky, it will disappear after a reset. Disconnect the device from the power supply for 15 minutes. Hopefully it will not happen again…

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Unfortunately it doesn’t go away. Is there anyway to reset the device without getting into the screen ? I can’t get passed the c208 information. I can’t get to the menu.

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Hi, I have exactly the same issue. How did you manage to fix it?


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