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The Oneplus Nord is a mid-range phone and was released in 2020. It features a 6.44" 90 Hz Fluid AMOLED, runs on a Snapdragon 765G with 8/12 GB RAM, 128/256 GB of storage, and offers four rear cameras and two front-facing cameras.

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Upgrade Nord Vibration Motor

Hi there,

I have a OnePlus Nord and the vibration motor is too weak for me. I miss most calls when the phone is in my pocket. I heard the Nord 2 has much better vibration. Is it safe to replace the OnePlus Nord vibration motor with the OnePlus Nord 2 vibration motor? If not is there a way of discovering what could be a good upgrade motor?

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Sorry for the disappointing answer, but the motors aren’t compatible.

You might be able to take one from a Nord 1 and desolder the flex cable from it, and then solder that flex cable to a different vibration motor. That would take quite a bit of soldering skill and some pretty fine soldering tools, but it should be possible!

Hope this helps :)

For reference, this is a vibration motor from the Nord 1:
(Note how it has the little solder balls on the motor input)

And this is one from the Nord 2:
(This one has no solder balls even, so you would have to cut the end piece off and re-expose the copper. A much easier alternative would be using a totally different vibration motor that has the same solder balls as the motor from the Nord 1, although that doesn’t guarantee you the feel you want)

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Hi @alecm ,

Thank you for the clear answer. I can solder, but am not great at it.

Do you know how to find the exact specs for the Nord 1 and 2 motors. If I can get the current and new rpm and voltage ( and current/resistance if needed?), then I guess I could find a suitable upgrade with higher rpm.

I found these two:

But don't know if they are compatible. One is 3V and the other 5V and seen to have a high rpm, but I don't know if it's higher than the original.

I guess if I can find a good replacement and maybe a new Nord module I can solder them together without risking the original.

I appreciate your help and thanks for any further advice you can give,



@Yannick I would try getting an original module from the Nord and measuring it to see if those will fit.

Apparently the link I found to the original Nord module is wrong, and it looks totally different! (Here's a real one

Then you can go from there and try out different ones :)

I think there are modules from some Samsung phones that would fit well in there, but you'd have to make sure :)

Alternatively, you can always solder the tiny wires from those ones you sent directly to the flex cable inside the phone, assuming the motor fits. It won't really matter if they're 3 or 5V, if you get the 3V one, it will just spin a bunch harder if it was supposed to be 5V.

Also, do you have a Nord N10 or N200? It looks like the motors are slightly different between the two


Hi @alecm ,

Thank you that makes sense. I wish I knew the rpm of the current one so I can get a faster one, but I guess it will have to be trial and error.

My model is actually the OnePlus Nord AC2003, which is available here in Europe. So I think your original link might have been correct?

The wire makes sense. When you say flex cable, you mean the part that is soldered to the current motor?

Thanks again @alecm !


@Yannick I believe that the first thing I sent is just straight up wrong :D

I just looked at a teardown, and it's definitely just two little pads that come out, like the other ones I sent.

I'm sorry, I should've been more specific with my last message. I thought it was a flex cable, but it's actually a circuit board. I was talking about the board in the center of this image (

That way you can just solder two wires to the contacts on there (they'll probably be raised to touch the pads on the motor, but you can desolder them)

That way, you can replace the motor with much less hassle, and at the very worst, you have to replace that one little board.

And you're welcome!


Thank you @alecm for your help. I will see if I can put together something that works and keep you posted on the results. I have a better idea of what to do now! Thanks and have a great end of the year!


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