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The iRobot Roomba 870 is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner that is part of the iRobot inc. 800 series Roombas.

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Why is the display of my Roomba 871 continuously showing RST?

We came back from holidays and discovered the roomba 871 had RST in the display and would not respond to charging, Clean button or any other button. I have removed and put back the battery and still get the same.

I have read jt in another forum it may be that the Clean button is shorted - hence why it is always as if it had been reset. Can anyone confirm ? And if that is the case, how can I fix it?


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Pab Car it is possible that it is your Clean button but start with a new battery first. It can cause the same issue. If nothing else it will provide you with a known-well starting point should further troubleshooting become necessary.

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