Razer Blade 15 (rz09-03519) motherboard repair - no power

I’m trying to fix this laptop, which suddenly couldn’t turn on. When I keep the power button pressed for 10 seconds I get a white light flashing but other than that, no sign of life. I checked the power adapter, I get 20V. Checked the power pins: everything’s ok. Checked the MOSFETs: they seem alright, I get 20V from drain or source to ground, and 5v from gate to source (25v from gate to ground).

I’ve checked the large capacitors, they’re fine. I often see 3.3V and 5V on the multi, so I’m guessing the power rails are fine.

Block Image

The components circled on the picture are « shorted », but I don’t know whether they have continuity because they are fuses (red circle) or coils (blue circle).

This is the first time I attempt such repair. I’ve been watching hours of Louis Rossman and Northridge Fix to get some insights, but no luck so far. Any advice would be extremely appreciated.

Also: how can you visually tell an inductor, a capacitor or a fuse apart?

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@faismoipeur the light brown (Tan I suppose) are most commonly capacitors. As for the rest you will need a schematic. Any identifier on that board that shows the maker and/or model for this board?

"can you visually tell an inductor, a capacitor or a fuse apart?" no Not really


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