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Released March, 2016. Identified by model number: 15-cd040wm

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Help with Laptop Keyboard Replacement

I'm having trouble finding a replacement for my laptop's keyboard. All the keyboards I've found have a similar ribbon cable but seem to have more connections than the one installed in my laptop.

The ribbon cable for my laptop

Block Image

The ribbon cable of the keyboards I found online | Image 2

Block Image

Do the extra connections mean that the keyboard won't be compatible with my laptop even though the ribbon cables plug into the motherboard?

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Update: I ended up buying that replacement keyboard because it was that or throwing out a otherwise functional laptop. And the keyboard and the backlight work!

I had to hot glue and tape it in because the original keyboard was attached with plastic rivets that break when you remove it. Besides that it was a pretty easy repair. I'm updating this post just in case someone else has a similar problem.

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@sidd065 looks like the connections on the ribbon cable as well as on the connector side, are all different. I would not chance it. What is the exact model of your Laptop. Maybe we can help finding out more about this.

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Yeah, it won't work. OP's backlit configuration is difference since the strip is split from the main wire; they need a matched replacement.

I've never tried a HP backlit KB delete because that makes zero sense as it's a dumb downgrade. I've ripped SureView out of SV notebooks and HC editions with bad screens, so I know that works.


@oldturkey03 It is a HP Pavilion Power 15-cb004na. Its an older laptop with a confusing name so finding replacement parts is rather difficult.


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