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The ASUS Q405U is a laptop produced by ASUS that was released in 2017. It is Intel Generation 5, uses Windows 10 and has many connectivity options.

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Green line in my laptop screen

  1. Hello All, i have green line in my laptop screen it appear afer half hour when i turn my computer on, he become bigger and more clear afetr some 30 - 40 minute and when i put my comuter in standby and turn him on it disapear, and after some while he appear again, when i put externel screen i have no green line (i also disabled my GPU and still the same ) pls can anyone help me and thnx . (sorry for my bad english)


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Block Image

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Hook the laptop up to an external display and see what happens. If the issue does not persist on the external, the LCD has a TAB failure and you will need to replace the screen.

However, if the display is bad it isn’t cheap. Expect to pay around ~$144-158+, depending on who is selling it. The panel is fused to the glass with UV LOCA glue, so you need to replace the touchscreen assembly as a unit — it can’t be done piecemeal on these.

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