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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a smartwatch designed, developed, and produced by Samsung Electronics, a South Korean electronics company. It can be identified by the model number SM-R500. It was released in March 2019.

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Display keeps opening up

The display on my Samsung Galaxy watch won’t stay down. Is there a way to glue it?

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Hi @ltbob9, can you update your post to share which Galaxy Watch you have?


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


When you say the display is not staying down, do you mean the back plate is popping off? Is it screwed on properly?

It would be really helpful with trying to troubleshoot your issue if you could share a photo of where the watch is coming apart.


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Hi Robert,

when I did the guides for the Galaxy Watch Active I could not get the display off of the frame. It seems to be glued down solid in my case.

If your display is coming off you probably need to disassemble it (see this guide here) and then apply new adhesive. Easiest would be using a replacement adhesive (unfortunately we don’t have that in our store yet, so just google for it).

(It also might be feasible with this glue, but be careful when applying it so nothing spills on components on the inside.)

Make sure to clean the glued areas before applying new adhesive (use isopropyl alcohol >90% and a spudger and maybe a lint free cloth).

Good luck with the repair, keep it up

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E6000 Adhesive Glue


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