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The Gateway NE series was released in 2012 as a line of budget laptops.

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My laptop will not start

So I’ve had this laptop for a little while now, and recently, it stopped booting.

It’ll turn on, but nothing will appear on the screen. I’ve tried plugging in a monitor, nothing happened.

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Exactly which model of the Gateway NE series is it.



"NE56R43u" is the model number.


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Easier steps:

  • Are you able to get into the BIOS?
  • Before going through the steps below try pressing the Display Toggle, the Screen Blank or the Brightness Up or Down buttons? Look on page 17 of your user manual.

Gateway NE56R49u User's Manual:

Gateway NE56R49u

Look down near bottom of page.

  • FIRST remove the battery, always Page 25 of the manual will show you where the battery is and easy access to the RAM memory modules. Remove and re-insert the memory. Sometimes this will fix these problems you have mentioned.

More involved steps:

  1. Shut the computer down by pressing the power button for 10 seconds or more. Unplug power adapter.
  2. Remove the battery. Gateway NE Series Battery Replacement
  3. Just plug in the power adapter and press power button. Does it work? If “yes” then the battery is defective. Replace. If” no” move on to next step.
  4. Remove the RTC/CMOS battery. Gateway NE56R Series Disassembly Measure voltage, if you have a voltage meter, and replace if under 2.6 VDC.
  5. With the battery out press the power button for about 30 seconds to reset the BIOS. Re-insert RTC battery and re-assemble the computer.
  6. Without main battery repeat step 3. Does it the display show anything? If “yes” then unplug and reinstall the main battery. Without the power adapter does it display anything on screen and boot up?

Let us know how it goes or any other questions you may have. Touch as little as you can. Hold all circuit boards and RAM modules by their edge so you don’t touch any of the circuits/components.

Gateway NE56R Series Battery Görseli


Gateway NE Series Battery Replacement


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Gateway NE56R Series Görseli


Gateway NE56R Series Disassembly



1 - 2 hours

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