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Repair information for rolling desk chairs as commonly found in an office space.

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What part is this chair missing?

I got my hands on an office chair which seemed fine but upon inspection the base isn't attached to the chair. The old owner had wrapped a crap ton of duct tape around the “poll” coming off the bottom of the chair and just jammed it back in place. This solution sucks and I want to properly fix this, can I buy a generic part to replace what’s missing?

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@herorareheart those are a PITA since there will be a time that the piston actually pushed through the base and will drag on the floor. Simple design since the piston really just sits in there and should only move in to the first increase in the diameter. Should be, but since it is all plastic it’ll eventually wear out. Now, you can purchase a new base that will fit your piston (measure the diameter with a pair of calipers for a proper fit ) Places like this have them but not really that cheap. I would go all ifixit on it and make a shaft collar with an inside diameter of the 2nd diameter of the piston and an OD about 1/4” to 1/2” larger than the diameter off the hole in the base. Use some set screws to keep it snug on the bottom so that it can’t slide through.

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This is the exact kind of answer I was looking for, thank you. I want to create the least waste possible so do to lack of skill I'll just have to purchase a base to fit the piston.


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