Runs on Power but wont load

Hi everyone, just debugging my Brothers JBL charge 3.

He said it didn’t load. Ich disassembled it and found a inflated battery, hence i replaced that. Still have the problem of it not charging. After the battery I bought ran empty it is showing only the red light when turned on, so I assume it its empty. Plugging the turned off box in, doesn’t turn on the chargind led. However when I turn it on, all LEDs light white and I can play music. If I turn it off while still plugged in the front leds stay on until I unplug it, then I end up in the same state where I started.

I connected it to my 5V constant voltage supply and measured a current draw of ~0.140A when playing audio, 0.082A when turned off but the leds are still on and 0.071A when turned off, all leds off. So some charging seems to be happening, but not nearly enogh (loading at that speed would take 85hours). I assume something is wrong with the charging electronics, but I don’t yet know how it works. Any Ideas maybe?

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I disassembled it completly and checked some connections on the Board. COnnection from the power plug to U200/bq24297 (The battery charger IC) is fine, as well as connection from there to J201, the connector to the battery. So something with the IC might be wrong or some controll for it


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