Nail polish on my laptop! Brand- Acer aspire A315-35-C9Y6

Hello. Today I accidentally spilled a nail polish on the touchpad on my laptop. I cleaned it immediately with a dry cloth and there was no problem, but Obviously the nail polish was bigger than I thought and there was on the table right away I was cleaning up but obviously I didn't clean a residue well and when I put the laptop in a few minutes I saw that there were white spots on the hull.PI don't think he got in there, but I'm afraid something bad's going to happen. I'm only going to try to replace the hull but before that I decided to ask if there is any possibility of jeopardizing the laptop itself. Since I only put the laptop in the place where there was a nail polish remover and removed it I do not think it got inside but still want to hear your Opinion. Because I panicked! :(

P. S. I will put a Image On the stain to tell me if there are Any chance of damage to the white spot itself.

Block Image

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