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Multifunction wireless inkjet printer (scan/copy/fax), released 2013 from Canon. Identified by the "MX922" on the front of the machine, above and to the right of the "Canon" logo.

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Ghosting only on blacks, colors are okay

My Canon Pixma MX922 has a print ghosting problem only on the two black inks. Colors look good. Canon recommends cleaning the encoder/timing strip with IPA. I have done this multiple times with no performance change. Any ideas what the cause could be? Would a bad print head do this? Do I need to disassemble the printer to access and clean the encoder/timing read sensor?

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Hi @damon10 ,

Just curious if it does this when printing or scanning using the printer control panel or from a computer or both?


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@damon10 yes, a partially clogged print head could be the issue. Check on here how to clean it

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I did throughly clean the print head. It did not fix the issue. I can try that again. It just wastes ink that has flowed from the ink cartridges into the reservoir of the print head. A few other people posted this same issue on Canon’s support sight. Canon’s response was clean the timing strip, which didn’t fit it for us.


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