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Released September 20, Apple's mainstream 2019 iPhone comes with a 6.1" LCD touchscreen, dual cameras, and six available colors. Successor to the iPhone XR.

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ThermalmonitorD error persists after replacing charging and power flex

I have replaced my charging port and the power/flashlight flex cable on my iPhone 11, however it still continues to reboot every three minutes. The error logs remain unchanged, continuing to state that thermalmonitord returned not alive.

Any ideas as to why thermalmonitord remains broken after the replacement of both flex cables?

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If panic log shows mic1/PRS0 it's the port.

Mic 2 - power flex

Replacement has to be of high quality or a genuine pull, alot of replacements are sub-par. And also advise to test by plugging in the flex first before installing. As if you have a faulty one, it'll save you alot of time redoing all your work.

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I checked the panic log and it reported the missing sensor as prs0. I’d need an OEM charging port then?


@userc2 Yes. Jason at STS telecom has a pretty informative video on Youtube examining various charge port flexes under the microscope, specifically for iPhone 11 that I might recommend watching. ( But an OEM pull will be your best bet.


@userc2 Has to be a genuine one, or high quality from a reputable seller who knows about how they work.

Alot of sellers just buy in bulk and not have a clue.


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You need to check exactly which sensor is not responding to thermalmonitord before deciding which one to replace.

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You can see your panic log data that will help to find your issues. Most of the aftermarket Flex is not working properly. So, Use original flex. How to find a panic log instruction to find the restart cause and the way were clearly shown and explained. This restart on 3 minutes faults is mostly common on X to up all models of iPhones.

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