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The April 2014 update of the 11" MacBook Air packs refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 Haswell processors and slightly increased battery performance.

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MacBook Air screen repeatedly malfunctioning

Hello! My MacBook is displaying rainbow pixels, and it is intermittently responding to moving the cursor. When I opened it, it displayed the Lock Screen, then turned all black, with the Apple symbol still lit up. After a few minutes, it switched to nonsensical pixels across the entire screen. After restarting the screen was fine, but this has been happening quite often now, along with the right third turning white, while still working normally. Would anyone know how to fix these screen errors? I have attached a picture of the pixels screen below:

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Are you able to connect an external display to see if that also shows the colorful static?

If it does then the logic board has issues. If not then you've located the issue is within the display assembly and/or the LVDS cable.


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From what I can tell, the GPU is faulty.

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@guardian10 - This system uses the intergraded graphics engine within the CPU chip. Static noise like the display is showing is more likely a bad display or LVDS cable. But without deeper diagnostics its hard to isolate out what needs fixing or replacing.


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