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Repair information and support for the Acer Aspire E15 laptop, released from Acer in 2015. Model number: E5-575-33BM.

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Blinking red light on left bottom of laptop

What does the blinking red light on the bottom left of the laptop indicate? Normally it is just a blue solid light.

Thanks !

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I experience the same problem with my acer laptop. The laptop is on and the battery is still at 85% (last i checked when it still displays the battery icon) but the battery light keeps flashing an amber colored light. My laptop Acer Aspire E 14 E5-476G-32HR (not sure if that is actually the model)


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Hi Danny,

You don’t mention whether it is the Power or the Battery light and do you perhaps mean ”blinking amber light”? Does it happen when the computer is on or off?

The power indicator (looks like a light bulb) which indicates the computer power status:

  • Off: System is off.
  • Blue: Sytem is on.
  • Amber (flashing): S3 state which is a “Sleep” state.

Battery indicator (looks like a battery with a lightening bolt through it) which indicates the computer battery status:

  • Amber (flashing): battery low and needs charging.
  • Amber: Battery is charging.
  • Blue: Battery is fully charged.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Hello , I have a problem too . My Acer aspire es 14 having red light when plugged in the charger and sadly the battery icon stop charging . Wala naman po nakalagay na charging or not charging . I changed the adoptor too and outlet pero Ganon paden . New po kase ang battery ko and 14 v lng sya with 2600 mAh po . How to fix ? Then one time problem then po is mabagal na sya mag function


Hi @norvy ternal ,

We will need the exact model number of the Acer Aspire ES14.

You say "red" but do you mean amber?

The battery should be

Capacity: 5000mAh/56Wh

Battery Voltage: 11.1V

As your is a different model you should post it as a new Question.


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