Battery bloat > Replaced Battery > no worky

My Blade RC30-0287 battery bloated two weeks ago to the point i saw a warning on the screen my machine was about to turn off. Afterwards i could not power on the laptop with/wo external power plugged in. So, being outside of warranty, i ordered a replacement battery with the fan shroud attached as an all in one replacement. This battery looks clean and in working condition but when i plugged it in, power button does nothing with/wo external power plugged in. Power brick has green light and thought, ok i have a bad battery again i guess. Submitted a return through ebay and ordered another battery from a different seller.

When i installed this battery temporally to check if power button would do anything, i saw the keyboard light up and screen came on to bios. So i turned off the machine, disconnected the battery to get it aligned right with the screw holes and when i plugged in the power connector for the battery to the board, i saw a white flash on the left side of the connector sparks. I was like ok great, somehow this battery is dead now or my motherboard is somehow eating up batteries.

I then pulled everything apart for inspection and see no components blown, no black markings or signs of anything blowing and unable to figure out what is going on with my power path.

Any schematic for testing the power path on this machine or at least a pinout for the battery connector to test the battery itself? in dire need at this point as my tshoot skills which should have led to me finding a blown component or some cause to this problem have led me nowhere.

Tried with the battery connected and external power disconnected and connected and no power signs unless i throw in the old bloated bad battery with power plugged in. When i do this, all i see is keyboard backlight and power LED red for a few and then it just does a loop until i power off.

I noticed the power from my brick, measured at the connector side shows only about 4vds when measured from ground to center pin. This brick is supposed to output 19vdc but unsure if thats controlled via signaling from the machine. When i measure the posts off connector on the board (right side of pic) with the power cable in and battery connected, see same 4vdc rating.

Diode test on MM shows what looks like a short on one side of most the caps. I see two IC chips here in the PIC with blue marking which pin is shorted. Likely one of the IC chips is the issue? CAPs in the pic show side with short, pretty much all of them in this pic have a short on one side. ICs look primising?

Update (04/04/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

pics for referance

Update (04/02/2022)

Block Image

Another pic showing entire board

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Do you have any photos of your motherboard? You can usually deduct the pinout if you look at what components are they connected to.


attached pic for you to see the right side looking down where power connection is on the right


If you're only getting a short on one side, that's normal. By which I mean, if you're getting low resistance to ground, or low diode mode readings, that's intentional. One side IS ground

If it's a cap, almost always it will have 1 contact on ground. Capacitors serve most frequently on a line to filter out electrical "noise," so whatever they're filtering out, goes to ground. If *both* sides are indicating low resistance/diode mode to ground, that's when you're more likely to have problem.

I will take a look and see what I can find about this specific unit.


Ok thank you. I cannot find any schematics.


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