UX430U motherboard or spare part nam

Block Image

Block Image

good day

i have a problem on asus UX430U motherboard . the screen doesn't work . as you can see in the attached i did find the problem but i dont know the nam spare part . can anyone help me to find the part number or the motherboard diagram


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What is the make and model number of the motherboard, as printed on the board itself?


@jayeff thnx for the answer hope you recheck the request

the serial in the picture above



No joy I'm afraid.

I can't find a boardview file or a schematic for the board using either the model number or the board number (60NB0EC0-MB4030)

I tried looking at images of the board online hoping to zoom in (tried Ebay as some have images that can be zoomed in on to hope to spot if any info on it but can't zoom in far enough, at least not with my eyes.


@jayeff thnx frined


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