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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone, released in February of 2021.

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wont turn on at all

Hi all. My phone has completely stopped working, it will not turn on, the vibration motor doesnt run wont charge, and the display and the glass are cracked, the amoled had dead pixels galore but otherwise it was in perfect working order before. is it possible for me to swap the motherboard into a new phone without issues?

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Cracked glass suggests dropping this phone several times. Onto hard ground may have done irreparable damage no different from dropping a glass bottle or ceramic cup. Cellphones cannot suffer abuse, dropping onto hard surfaces and expect it to continue as if nothing broke. What you don't see are the delicate circuit boards and fine wiring that suffers from repeated drops. I would suggest Samsung assessment whether or not to repair this or move on to a new or factory refurbished phone (at lower cost than new).


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I got hit by a car, so the display panel was shattered. I took it completely apart and performed a motherboard swap after doing an extremely meticulous inspection of the internals. Absolutely perfect through and through, just the display managed to be damaged. Wouldn't turn on in the new chassis even with the daughter board and battery swapped into it etc etc. Extremely weird but I ended up buying a new phone anyways

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Yes you can swap it as long as it is the same radio or a dual band. Like if it's not a dual band and you have us cell you cannot put it in a Verizon phone they are different radios and set up different but most phones are dual band now days

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Yeah no nothing made sense as to why it wouldn't turn on anymore, I have no clue what went wrong


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