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The Huawei Nova 5T was released in September 2019 and manufactured by Huawei.

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Why is my phone on SOS only?

I cant call, it always says SOS only everytime i try to call somebody

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Hi guys.

Thanks for getting back with those details. It helps to know that SOS isn't the only cellular status you see. If your cellular data signal is switching between 3G and 4G, and you're seeing the SOS and No Service status, your iPhone is struggling to keep a connection to your cellular network...

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Huawei​ SIM is 'SOS only', how to fix it? Follow me. You can do it.

1.Try turning on Flight Mode for 10 seconds and then turning it off. and see if the symptoms disappear.

2.Switch SIM to try another device. or put another sim in If the SIM card is broken, change it with the service provider. ... ( In the event that the device does not lock the SIM )

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Tomorrow morning i was also facing the same problem but now my problem.

There are two reasons behind the problem

Why this problem happens in our smartphone.

  1. Hardware problem
  2. Software problem

This article will help you

If your problem is because of any hardware problems then you have to take you smartphone to any service centre but if it’s because of any software problem then you can just take help of this article and solve your problem.

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