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Released on May 1, 2015 by LG. Can also be identified by LS770.

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I cant add account after resetting phone

I reset my phone. Then it brought me to a screen to connect to wifi. Then it made me sign into google. Then it made me put my name in. Everytime i put my name in it brings me right back to the wifi screen

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@uchetil if i didnt remove to google account is there a way i can still add a new account


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Double check that you used the same account information and password that was in the phone before you reset it. If you didn't remove your google account before you reset it it won't accept anything else. Only by reentering the same account and password can you get in. Once you get in, then you can delete the old one and/or add another. This is to protect against a thief accessing your data. I believe if you can proove ownership the manufacturer can, but I don't know for certain on an LG, some manufacturers will/can, some not,. so check with them. If you simply don't remember the information contact the manufacturer for advice; if you bought it from an individual ask them to unlock it and delete their account. If they cannot and cannot proove their ownership too,. chances are it is stolen, report it to the police and turn it in, it can probably be located by the owner and that could be problematic. It IS possible someone else here can give you better advice, but to the best of my knowledge this is correct. Have you tried logging in to your account on a pc and recovering your information that way? As in lost password/ can't remember etc.? Note: changing the informtion won't help. If you use a pc and have saved your login info, say on firefox, you can find your account and password in the security settings, saved logins, show password. You can possibly recover your information by following the appropriate instructions on this page if you remember you e mail address, or password, or phone number.

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One last possibility; did you at any point write it down in case you forgot it? Maybe you can find it if so... old notebook perhaps.


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you need to plug it into a laptop and sign into 3u tools(which is free) and reset the mother bord

don't worry you don't need to open up the phone

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It's an android phone.


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