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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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Software randomly restarting at uneven intervals causing a boot loop

Hi there recently bought a tab s3 with a known problem and I'm trying to fix it. The problem is that it randomly decides to shut down without any explanation. It can happen while its asleep while doing something. Sometimes it'll repeatedly shut down every min sometimes it'll stay on for 24 hours +. I've tried flashing the latest software using ODIN but it still resets. Some people say that it's a battery issue but I don't believe so as the whole system freezes for around 5 seconds before it shuts down. Thanks for the help :)

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Its either a battery issue or maybe the motherboard, you have tried resetting it so its prob not a software issue causing it. Does it get unusually hot anywhere before it shuts down?


@catlove I don't believe its a battery issue as the whole system just freezes for a second before it shuts off and even when its charged it'll shut of randomly. It doesn't get hot at all on another form someones suggested flashing a custom ROM so I might try that and see how it goes


@thepilotcantfly You can try that, but the battery could be having some issues, causing it to freeze and then die. Even when fully charged, if the custom ROM doesn't work you could try that, but if you are positive about it then you can look maybe at the motherboard to see if anything looks abnormal


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For anyone who will read this in the future so far this has fixed the problem, I rooted the tablet and flashed lineageOS and no crashes yet :). These are the links that will guide you on how to flash a custom ROM if you want to but be careful there are risks involved.

In the newb friendly guide before installing magisk make sure you install lineageOS and GApps or something similar

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