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Samsung's third iteration of the Galaxy Watch with a newly integrated BioActive Sensor. It was released August 27th, 2021. Model SM-R860, 40 mm, non-LTE version.

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Where is the NFC antenna?

Unlike Apple Watch, where you present the face for NFC payment, the Galaxy Watch 4 seems to require something else. Presenting the face sideways is a bit better.

Where is the antenna and how should I present the watch to ensure best chance of payment being accepted?


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I found this solution from a site: You tap the top edge of your watch toward the NFC reader on the register/terminal you're using.


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Thanks. I've been presenting the edge, which mostly works. However, my watch is oriented for left-handers. So I guess it's the bottom edge?

I'm going to change the orientation to see if the top edge (from right-handers perspective) is better.


Glad I could help!


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This may help others diagnose the problem.

I saw a comment somewhere about using an Android app called NFC Reader. It has an option to "Scan a Tag", which, once tapped, will display NFC information about the device/card presented to it. That seems to work with both the bottom and top edges for the GW4.

I've noticed that sometimes I have to continue to hold the watch to a reader in a shop and the phone buzzes twice: the first attempt is rejected and the second accepted. I just did the same with NFC Reader app. The first attempt shows a lot of strange characters but the second is parsed correctly by the NFC Reader app. The GW4 NFC technology is shown to be "IsoDep, NfcB". I assume there are different signal types/standard?

That may explain why some readers say present one card only when I use the watch to make payment. From searching, this seems to be a firmware fault in those readers. My guess is the watch is sending two NFC signals to readers to allow for different standards?

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