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The larger edition of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Motherboard swap and NAND chip replacement


I was told that I have a dead power IC, so I ordered a replacement motherboard online for my S10+ G975U.

My goal is to not lose any data. Is it possible to swap the NAND storage with the one that has my data on it?

Also, was it an overkill to order the whole motherboard (they didn't tell me which IC is dead in particular)?

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It is possible but you will also need to swap the CPU and RAM chip as well. You need a lot of experience and equipment to do a repair like this. Data recovery is best left to the reputable repair shops. I would think these repair shops would find the fault that is stopping the phone from booting before even contemplating swapping boards. Get some quotes from some reputable repairers.

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I went to 2 different repair shops and they both tried the same thing - heating the power IC in question. During the first attempts, it booted up but then the phone started switching off.

They said they can fix it if I find a donor board, so that’s why I ended up ordering online, but it will take several weeks to arrive.

They charged me quite a lot for trying to fix it, so If I go for a third opinion, it might happen also.


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what country are you in, I also have the same issue with my samsung galaxy S9 I want to swap the internal storage and I'm looking for a repairer

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