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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Need to remove EFI lock, how to?

How can I remove the EFI lock without send-ins or expensive tools? MacBook came from Goodwill, so it was untested. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you into low level programming or can you microsolder ? those are the only two viable options..


@arbaman I have a soldering kit, but I'm not that great at it. I do HTML coding, not low level stuff like that.


how remowd efi lock on mac book pro late 2013


@neozorb did you follow the advice given in the answers provided?


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Your only option is brute force, running through all of the likely code sets and hoping.

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as well as replacing related hardware..


Isn't there a limit on how many times I can try before it blocks me?


@guardian10 - EFI is hardware (Firmware Password) not the OS level which has the limit.

Your user account is where the lockout can happen if you've linked it to your Apple ID, then you would need to get it reset from another device which is linked to the same Apple ID.

When you use Find My ? Services then you can lockout access to your system. Review this great Apple T/N which describes the different startup screens and what they mean If your Mac doesn't start up all the way


I tried some common ones such as password and 1234, they didn't work.


@guardian10 - Sadly, once you go through all of the basics ones it becomes a needle in the hay stack problem.

Time to bite the bullet pull a EEROM from a dead board so you can burn it with yours minus the firmware lock using a programer (desoldering the chips). While you can just work with yours alone if you mess up you can't recover. Using a second chip is how I do it.


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@guardian10 Well, low level programming is somewhat more complicated than Html and requires a tool to interface with the Efi IC, that means more money into the project, with uncertain outcome. Soldering a new preprogrammed Efi IC, which you could find for sale at some eBay sellers, would be the cheapest alternative. But it's a delicate chip, it would need good soldering tools and extensive experience on board repairs. These are the alternatives, which one to choose or just give up is up to you, your selfconfidence and costs involved.

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If you just want to reformat the hard-drive (losing all the data) and re-install a fresh copy of MacOS you might be able to achieve this by putting it into DFU mode, depending on what machine it is.

Check out this guide:

I recently did this for a 2018 MBP and can confirm it works. Might need to try the configurator steps a few times, it seems to be unreliable.

If it was donated and has an EFI password it might also be enrolled in MDM, in which case you should read through this guide BEFORE installing a fresh version of MacOS:

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MrMachintoshs' guide is only useful in restoring the BridgeOS which is the TouchBar system.

The EFI is segmented DFU mode will only allow you to restore a corrupted the partition segment. Here's a good writeup on EFI EFI System Partitions: a hidden problem? Sometimes Gatekeeper DB gets messed up.

The firmware password is not accessible from within DFU.


Configurator in DFU mode:

Actions > Restore = Reinstall BridgeOS & ERASE OS AND USER DATA!

I never mentioned anything about accessing the firmware password, which isn't required to erase and restore the OS.


@Tyler Burke - Did you read the question? "Need to remove EFI lock"

Which is the firmware password has nothing to do with DFU or OS issues.


It's a unibody MacBook pro, not a touch bar model.


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