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How do I patch worn down Allbird shoes

I own a pair of Allbird Shoes/sneakers (shoes) I have worn down part of the sole walking to work and back. Now I want to patch the parts of the sole that have worn down with some kind of rubber before it burns a hole right through the shoe.

I've tried using the cheap ebay shoe rubber patches (ebay repair kit) but unfortunately the glue ripped off fairly quickly. I then tried using a thin piece of rubber cut to size and glued it on with water resistant rubber glue (glue) lasted longer but also eventually fell off. Lastly I tried the rubber, with water resistant glue and then a layer of silicon around the patch edges to stop sand and dirt getting under the patched area, this lasted the longest but also eventually came loose and fell off.

I'm not sure what else to try? am I using the wrong glue? or is there a stronger bonding glue I can use?

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My guess is the soles need either sanding to remove all debris to prepare the entire sole for resurfacing with similar sole material and a compatible flexible glue or a shoe repair shop that can determine if these shoes are repairable or not. Did you try asking Allbird customer support?


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Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach at all costs. If you'd like a refresh of your insoles, wash them by hand for best results.

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