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The Lexmark T650 and X652 are part of a range of discontinued monochrome laser printers that are built around the same standard set of parts.

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ink very light on paper

new carrtraigr ink light

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The Lexmark T650 series does not use corona wires. Some possible causes of light images are:

a) The darkness is adjustable - on the printer select: menu : settings : quality menu : toner darkness. A larger number produces a darker image.

b) The toner cartridge might be empty. If this is the case, shaking these cartridges can reposition enough toner to provide a short term quality improvement.

c) Light images may be caused by an old OPC (Optical Photo Conductor) roller that is built into the disposable toner cartridge.

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Laser printers use a corona wire to transfer the ink dust to the paper electrostatically. A thin image often is a failing corona circuit or dirty wire.

How Laser Printers Work

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