Why does my phone no longer vibrate?

I have had a Galaxy A32 for a while now, and its taken some abuse, a few falls(with a case) and a few submersions. Today, it vibrated for the last time. I have it set to vibrate when i hit the back arrow. I hit it once. A duller buzz than what im used to is heard. I hit it again, and nothing. I hit it a few times and hear either the faintest buzz this thing could make, of a fly across the room. I start troubleshooting, multiple reboots, safe mode checks, making sure it works in settings, and ive only been able to make a pathetic bzz using Samsung Members' diagnostic tools that I have been unable to recreate. If anyone has any tips as to what I can do going forward, it would be much appreciated. I can going to power it off for a couple hours to see if I notice any change.



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Did any BIG fall or submersion happen shortly before this?


No, which is why I assumed it was a software issue at first.


If vibrate mode goes off many times a day, 365 days a year, it may be worn out or water intrusion may have entered the tiny motor, accelerating wear with corrosion occurring. Any immersion in water may require either removing the back cover and battery to air out or dry over some heat like leaving it out in the sun to dry out completely. Older gas ovens with pilot light are warm enough to dry out opened cellphones soaked with water. Canned air can also help to force moisture out before drying.


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