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I have the exact same issues, I have a little information on the topic although not the answers on how to fix entirely. But did you get this resolved??

The main thing I keep hearing/ coming across is that after upgrading to windows 10, this starts happening for people? I only had this laptop for about 6months before the windows10 upgrade came out, I installed, and shortly after- got the black screen but fan runs (for 3 secs then shuts off but then comes back on and as far as I've seen, stays on- and the keyboard lights up). BUT after my laptop sat around for about three months- where I'd occasionally attempt to just randomly plug in the charger, let it fully charge up, then unplug and let it sit for a couple hours, then power it on to see if some miracle had happened that would allow it to start up, and eventually, it DID just start back up as normal!? Again, this was about 3-5months after it had initially gone black screen. So at that point I tried uninstalling all the windows 10 updates as well as pausing future updates and it seemed to be fine- for about another 6months and then randomly one day it happened again,... black screen but fan and led working exactly as before. It AGAIN, stayed this way for anywhere from 3-5months but as I occasionally tried the same charging/ unplugging, making sure everything was connected tightly inside and screws were all tightened, it randomly powered up as usual again!? It again worked fine for about 6 months AND THEN again back off today ughhh!?

So, because after I read about the windows 10 issues and thought that I had solved the problem with that, I hadn't tried anything else. But the other possibility, that I've also seen a lot of people in this exact situation saying, is that its an issue with the graphics driver- so uninstalling your graphics driver and then reinstalling- making sure its the most current version. I very much regret not doing this now, while my laptop was powered on, because like the original poster mentioned, I also cannot get my computer to show on an external monitor- therefore am unable to do the graphics driver reinstall now that the screen is once again black,

I very much NEED to get this resolved- and a lot sooner than the 3-5 months its been taking to come around each time?? If anyone has any other info or suggestions PLEASE let me/ us know!?

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Also at one point on Acers website they had an update available that was titled "Update to resolve AcerAspire 5 sudden black screen issues" , which of course I did not attempted at the time, as my laptop was working then- and the issues had only happened once at that time. But I suggest everyone continue checking Acers website for an update similar to that showing up again.... and keep trying to get your computers charged up and powered on randomly in the meantime!


Hi @Krysta Hunt ,

You mention "Acer Aspire 5". This page is for Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 laptops. Also you posted a "question" as an answer. Each brand and model of laptop has different characteristics and different solutions.


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