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Part of Google's third generation of Pixel phones, the 3a is a budget-minded option with the same camera as Google's flagships. Available in Clearly White, Just Black, or Purple-ish. Released May 2019.

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Device screen black after replacing battery

I've replaced the battery in my Pixel 3a, and even though it appears I reconnected everything, the screen continues to be blank. It vibrates when I use the fingerprint sensor and plug it in, so I'm not sure what's going on. I would take a photo, but this is my only camera.

I've also tried hard shutting down my phone and reconnecting the screen before turning it back on, with a similar lack of results.

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If you had to disconnect the screen ribbon I’d check the connector on the board and ribbon under magnification for damage. Also how did you remove the old battery? If you used something to lever the battery up there’s a chance pressure could of been put on the back of the display itself.

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I removed the battery by pulling off one of the adhesive strips as instructed in the iFixit guide, then the other strip's tab pulled off without the adhesive, so I had to heat up the back of the phone and pry it off. The entire time, the screen was disconnected and set aside.

Also, checking both under magnification don't reveal anything that appears damaged.


Unfortunately sounds like the screen has been damaged during removal. I had to do a battery on the same phone last week and used heat and isopropyl alcohol to remove it, took a while as only inserted the removal tool a mm or two to prevent catching the side of the screen inside. Did you try the screen after removal to make sure it worked ok?


@strongbow I don't think I did, or at least before I replaced the battery. I guess I'll have to get a replacement screen, then.


Also did you disconnect the battery before anything else? Sorry just trying to rule things out.


@strongbow Yes, I disconnected the battery last.


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