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The Surface Laptop 2 by Microsoft was released October 2018.

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Stuck in automatic repair loop

I have a Surface 2 (model 1572 according to the box) that came in as a donation. It is stuck in an automatic repair loop. It turns on, preparing automatic repair, shuts down, and continues the loop.

I've tried holding the Vol+ and power, but will absolutely not respond with the Vol+ depressed.

I'm at a loss what to do. Please help...


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Hi. Try reinstalling Windows from a USB drive. The issue is most likely corrupted Windows files.

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Yes, I understand that.

The problem is I cannot get it to load the UEFI screen, cannot change a boot order, or get it to respond in any manner.


I’d try it, some PCs default to USB if one is plugged in OR give you the option to press a key for USB. If you have already tried doing that, I unfortunately don’t know what you need to do to fix it.


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