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Released in July 2018, the 15" MacBook Pro, model A1990, features a 15.4 inch LED-Backlight display with True Tone technology, TouchID, and up to 6 Core i9 Processor.

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Keyboard backlight not working

Hi. all

i had to detach my MacBook pro 15 " 2018 (A1990) screen because it was broken.

The keyboard backlight dies not. work anymore.

Did I mess something. up or the backlight cable is connected. to the screen?

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Here is the photo[image|2712864][image|2712867]


@wael - Can you show the ribbon cable for the backlight?


I just need to know if the keyboard backlight is related to the screen being attached? Meaning that when I remove the screen from the lapto like in the above photo. Will the keyboard backlight work?@beanman56


@wael - It doesn't seem like that would be the cause


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If your screen is no longer attached, the reason your keyboard backlight does not work anymore is likely because your computer can no longer communicate with the ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensor is part of the system which sets the auto brightness for both your display and the keyboard backlight. Without this data the device just removes this functionality. You may still be able to adjust the backlight settings manually using the Touch Bar. But I have see occasions where it won’t work at all in this case.

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Well Said! :-)


Yeh , That is what I figured out after some googling.

but the whole thing is working perfectly except for the backlight and the chime at startup ( which is weird ). but. I am ok with that. itis a small tradeoff :D


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I am talking about MacBook Pro 15” 2018 A1990

And I am talking about the keyboard light.

It sure has, I have been using it for years, there must be an understanding somewhere :)

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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You said Core 2 duo 13" in the question


My model was not in the list :)


@wael - Hmm, I think it is


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