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Toyota released the 2002-2006 Camry XV30 series as a larger sedan in September 2001 for the 2002 model year.

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ABS light. It’s coming on and off randomly

Hi having similar issue with my ABS light. It’s coming on and off randomly. Maybe more often when I’m in a decline situation.. checked lose wiring front and rear with engine running and ABS light did not came on. Appears to be no damage from foreign objects. Thanks for your help guys. P.S it’s a 2004 Camry sportiro

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ABS light comes on immediately after starting the car


Did you try reading the suggestion below? Generic readers may not decode abs errors but AutoZone readers can (free). Call ahead before visiting AutoZone. Dealers and repair shops may charge a fee.


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An additional thought to F Dryer's helpful own 2006 Matrix had intermittent ABS warning lights which turned out to be from failed solder connections in the dash ABS/clock module. Your situation is different, but the commonality might be a bad connector that looks good and works most of the time. This kind of problem can drive mechanics (and owners ) nuts because it might be hard to get things to misbehave while being scanned. In my case, I realized the issue and had my module refurbished without hours of fruitless troubleshooting by a mechanic. For you, any stored codes could be worth a lot. Good luck!

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Call Autozone or other auto store having a reader capable of decoding abs error codes and try decoding stored errors. Abs error are usually associated with external parts; wheel speed sensors, wheel bearings, wiring to each sensor and the reluctor (toothed wheel for the sensor to detect wheel rotation).

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